FreeShipping.Com Review

Let enhance your online shopping experience!

Free shipping programs can be quite useful for those of us who do a majority of our shopping online, or even if we just do shopping online every now and then, like for grocery deliveries or during the holidays.  But, they are only useful to us if they provide benefits every time we use them.

A quickly growing company that offers free shipping rewards programs is, and I think part of the reason they are growing so quickly is because of what seems like an attitude towards giving deals and discounts that is fun, easy, and explanatory.  They don’t want to hide anything from their customers.

The sign-up process is informational and the cancellation process is easy and can be done at any time, no questions asked, no fuss.  I’m tentative to give a true review, as I am with any rewards program in any industry, simply because it is too hard to make sweeping generalized statements when dealing with an industry that is not one-size fits all.  The benefits that two people might receive from the same program will differ because what those people are each interested online will differ, and different programs cater to different interests.  One thing that I can say for is that they have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.  And as far as ascribing ratings to online businesses such as these go, I’ve found that if you can be certain you’re dealing with a reputable and honest company, you’ve already won the battle.