Is It A Scam?


What you sign up for, should be a secret!

Controversy can be spun up on the Internet in regard to just about any topic or service there is.  One industry that seems to be growing quite fast on the Internet but that has also encountered consumer-trust problems and bad publicity is that of free shipping rewards programs.

There are many companies that now offer these types of programs, where you sign up and pay a subscription fee and in return receive discounts and shipping rebates from thousands of online vendors.  So, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about when consumers started claiming they had bought into fraudulent services that were not delivering on their promises.

Of course, like with any industry, the large majority of these companies are entirely legit.  It is the few individuals or corporations that would take advantage of people behind the veil of the Internet that end up destroying the reputation of an otherwise honest and useful industry.  For instance, is one of these services, and they do legitimate and honest business every day that makes their customers happy.  However, like with any rewards program, there are limitations, rules, and regulations that apply to membership.  In the case of, these are made very apparent throughout the whole sign up process.  But, when people fail to pay attention, they end up not knowing what they’ve bought, and call a scam when they’re unhappy.  The moral of the story is, more times than not you aren’t being scammed.  It’s not secret, just need to pay better attention to the terms of the service you are purchasing.