Don’t Forget Your Pastels

Get ready for a great shopping experience.

As the summer dwindles away, so will some of its fads and trends.  Make sure you take advantage of the simple summer pastels before the clock strikes September.

Pastels are calming and perfect for the summer months. Continue reading

Great Free Shipping Bargains at

I have always been a big fan of searching for coupons and discounts. With the amount of products I have to buy, food or otherwise, couponing for me has been less like a way to save a few bucks and more like a survival skill. I have always looked for coupons in newspapers and magazines, so when I stumbled across, I thought it was a godsend – it made finding deals much easier. This website has saved me so much time that would’ve been otherwise spent cutting out coupons from a variety of print sources; now, I don’t have to search for special deals or rebates – they’re right at my fingertips in one organized and easy to use place. Continue reading

The Value of Free Shipping Ratings

When deciding whether to sign up for a money saving offer online, there is great value in doing your homework and reading free shipping ratings. One of my favorite programs for saving a little bit of cash that really adds up over time when shopping online is called They’ve been running a seamless membership experience for over ten years now, where their subscription service members can redeem certain rewards in the online marketplace. The way it works is pretty straightforward: sign-up for a low monthly service fee ($12.97, or about the cost of one shipment) and then shop online at your favorite vendors using the company’s exclusive members-only shopping companion interface. In it, you’ll find stores for every niche market and just about every global brand you can imagine. Find your products, put them in your cart as usual, and after you check out simply submit your rebate for cash redemption. On its most basic level, the program already has the capability to make it worth the monthly cost, just because it means you’ll never pay a shipping or postage fee again. Continue reading